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Eric Bledsoe momentarily forgets how to play basketball, dribbles ball from out of bounds

November 07, 2019

Nearly two years ago, Russell Westbrook committed the worst—or greatest, depending on your definition—travel violation in NBA history. It was an incredible example of unawareness, both in taking five steps before taking a single dribble and in acting stunned when the ref blew his whistle. To be fair to Westbrook, travels don't get called as often as they should in the Association, but c'mon. Look at this!


Well, believe it or not, Westbrook's boneheaded play may have been topped by a fellow point guard on Wednesday night. Eric Bledsoe remembered to dribble. He just forgot you can't dribble the ball from out of bounds. Check out this instant classic blooper as Bledsoe takes the ball from the ref during the fourth quarter of a close game and just takes off down court:


Fortunately for Bledsoe, his Bucks held on to beat the Clippers or this would have been an even bigger deal. Here's how the brain fart officially went down in the play-by-play box score:

Sorry, but "Eric Bledsoe inbound turnover" just doesn't do it justice.