Eastern Michigan QB turns Quick Lane Bowl into Kimbo Slice video, KOs ref

December 27, 2019
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Bowl season is the best season. Your hard-ass coach is wearing a lei. Your food-sponsorship bowl parlay just cashed. For one month a year, you're living high on the hog and nothing and no one can take that from you. Least of all Eastern Michigan quarterback Mike Glass III, who did his best on Thursday night to ruin bowl season for the rest of us, but only ended up making it better. WARNING: Some of this content may be graphic for ref lovers.

Yup, apparently it's possible for the Quick Lane Bowl to elicit that sort of reaction in a grown adult. Who would have guessed? The incident took place late in a chippy matchup with Pitt, when Glass—a senior enjoying the dying embers of his football career—popped up and punched Pitt linebacker Cam Bright in the face mask. Glass then turned his attention to cornerback Paris Ford, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) as he wound up, the referee came running in, taking the full force of Glass's blow on the chin. Down goes, Fraiser . . . but not before throwing up a yellow flag like a distress flare as he fell.

Glass was ejected for the ref-concussing outburst, as was fellow Eastern Michigan senior Kevin McGill for allegedly spitting on a Pitt player earlier in the game. But on the bright side, the Eagles did give us a gift that not even their bush-league behavior can sully: This clip of them running through a LITERAL brick wall before the game. Assuming they don't get a postseason ban for their little Romanowski-meets-Tyson meltdown, we expect to see this each and every year until college football is finally, inevitably banned for good.