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Early Sizzle For Immelman

August 11, 2007

TULSA, Okla. -- Trevor Immelman made the most of his early tee time Saturday by shooting a 4-under-par 66.

"What I noticed is that they were pretty much syringing the greens right up until the first group got up there, and I was the second group," he said. "I was able to fire at the flags. Obviously, it's extremely hot out there, they're protecting against losing the greens."

Immelman said it was a big advantage starting before the heat climbed and expected scores to rise in the afternoon. He's now at 1-over for the tournament and could enter the final round in the top 20.

"It's seriously hot and last couple of days there hasn't been much of a breeze to kind of ease the tension here," Immelman said. "But I would say it's about a three-shot difference the way the greens are going to firm up. Obviously they're nice and smooth when you first start in the morning."

Immelman was impressed by the 63 shot by Tiger Woods on Friday.

"It was inspiring," he said. "Obviously he's been in some incredible form. And to do it right after you've had a child, too, is something quite special. Because you know there's no doubt that once the first kid comes along, that's a really important time in your life.

"And he would be able to be excused to maybe let his focus wander a little bit. But for him to come out and play like he has in the last two weeks is incredible. And I guess it just proves to us again what a champion he is."

As for his own game, Immelman said it is coming around and hopes to play in the Presidents Cup.

"I had a nice start to the year and tailed off the last couple of months, played some awful golf," he said. "But the last couple of weeks I felt my game come around. For our level it's all about confidence. When you have confidence in your game, you can go out there and play the golf course the way it's supposed to be played and shoot some good scores."

-- Mark Soltau