Call a Spade a Spade

Open Championship 2021: Dustin Johnson put his own very DJ spin on the “British Open vs. Open Championship” debate

Many would describe Dustin Johnson as “simple.” Not in a bad way, just that he sees things in plain terms. Black and white. He doesn’t ask questions he doesn’t need the answers to and will happily eat a hamburger if there’s no cheese around. We, however, would contend that this is not simplicity—it's enlightenment. Evolution. We mock it not because we are better than it but because we are threatened by it. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to simply be?

Thankfully, DJ is not selfish nor cares enough to be. He is happy to spread his gift if that is what happens in the ordinary flow of existence, as it did on Wednesday when he put one of the golf world’s most pointless debates to bed once and for all. Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally free.

DJ isn’t concerned with the way things were or the way they will be. He’s concerned with what they are. He doesn’t call a spade a spade because he likes the euphemism. He calls a spade a spade because that’s what it is. Thus when asked by a reporter why he now calls what was formerly known as the British Open the Open Championship, he replies with the closest thing he can muster to incredulity:

“Because that’s the name of it.”

Now, some things in life are worth thinking about. Curing cancer. Climate change. Life, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. What DJ understands that many of us don’t, however, is thinking about the things that aren’t important takes precious time away from those that are. Whether to call the Open Championship the British Open is one of those things. So take a page out of DJ’s one-page book: Think less, live mas, and call it the Open Championship.