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Dude plays golf on icebergs, paddle boarding between holes

April 02, 2015

This is about as cool as it gets -- pun intended.

The filmmaker/photographer duo of Seth Haley and Josh Nowicki had been looking at Lake Michigan for inspiration, wondering what kind of film project they could do with it.

According to Bleacher Report, Nowicki said it all started in jest: "Looking at the shapes of the ice on the lake reminded me of a green on a golf course and I semi-jokingly said that I would like to play golf out there," says Nowicki.

And play golf they did.

Haley is doing the killer video work. Nowicki is the guy on the paddle board -- and he deserves an award for his balancing skills. Those things are hard to stand on, let alone swing a golf club on.

He tees off from his paddle board and plays from iceberg to iceberg, putting into cups they cut into the ice. This is by far the most creative way we've seen anyone play golf in this endless winter.