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Drug use on the PGA Tour?

July 01, 2011

There's been a lot of discussion surrounding Robert Garrigus' admission of drug use during competition, and his claim that plenty of guys on the Nationwide Tour have smoked marijuana during their rounds.

This allegation has now been pushed a step further.

In an awkward interview on the Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" on Friday, Michael Collins, a former caddie and an announcer for the PGA Tour Network, suggested that even PGA Tour players have used drugs during competition.

"I know of guys who have [smoked marijuana] on the PGA Tour," said Collins. When asked if this was done during competition, Collins quickly replied, "Of course! Have you ever been to the Bob Hope?"

Collins, who said that such behavior "doesn't bother" him, added that Garrigus' revelations shouldn't be shocking.

"It's a little bit naive to think, 'Can you believe people smoke marijuana during competition?'" Collins said. "Yea, I can believe it. It'll calm you down. You get all jacked up and nervous and what not. Would anybody be surprised if someone said they were taking St. John's Wort during competition?"

Collins also added that he doesn't think professional golfers have recently smoked marijuana during competition. There's "too much at stake," he said, for them to continue such practices. Albeit, it's safe to assume that this conversation won't settle anytime soon.

--Ashley Mayo