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Driver vs. 3-Wood

September 19, 2007

California Reader Ed Reeder liked the Golf Tech story on driver versus 3-wood in the October issue:

I must say that your "Tight Fairway? Hit Your Driver", by Mike Stachura in October, was one of the best true science, no hype articles I have seen in a major golf publication for quite some time. Please keep presenting the facts that enable your readers to make informed choices!

That's our goal, Ed. I loved the piece, too, because it gave me permission to hit driver all day the last few rounds I've played. Missed about the same number of fairways.

So thanks. David Webber says he might have liked the story but our new layout uses a type size that's too small. He's not alone.

Your October 2007 issue was very interesting. At least the samll portion I could read...One wold think that the demographics of your reader wold be older than younger. Older means they probably had as hard a time reading the small print as I did....

Actually, we have a lot of older and younger. But we've heard you on the type size and are looking at ways to make the magazine easier to read. Thanks for letting us know.

--Bob Carney