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Double Eagle Club

April 28, 2021

Courtesy of Double Eagle Club

96. Double Eagle Club

Jay Morrish & Tom Weiskopf (1992)

Built by reshaping flat farm fields into gentle hills and valleys, Double Eagle benefits from plenty of elbow room. Some holes have double fairways that pose genuine alternate routes. Greens are benign enough in contours to allow them to be kept extremely fast. A delightfully thoughtful design, it closes with two great water-laden, risk-rewarding holes. The club name does not symbolize a golf term. Original owner John McConnell was a fortune hunter, and the Double Eagle was a rare doubloon discovered in a sunken treasure.

100 Greatest History: Ranked since 1997. Highest ranking: No. 56, 2009-2010. Previous ranking: No. 92

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Panelist comments:
“Double Eagle Club achieves all the ideals of one of the best courses in the nation. Conditioning was immaculate, shot value was challenging and exhilarating, and the ambience was one of the best.”

“How about this quality control feature? The staff cleans your shoes BEFORE you play, to keep the greens from getting any impurities. I've never seen that before. There's also an underground system to keep green edges from having any shape loss due to maintenance.”

“The purist-type golf atmosphere, a true golf club with a peaceful and calmness that connects well with nature provides a high ambience rating, while also including the national and international membership that take pride in the club.”

“Interesting ninth and 18th holes that have alternate routes to the green. I think the best hole is the intermediate seventh hole, and the short par-4 17th is a ton of fun.”

“Conditioning is strong helped by the fact there's less than 10,000 rounds per year (I'm told 7,200 rounds per year), due to the small membership. Makes it easier to keep Double Eagle extremely well-manicured.”

Courtesy of Double Eagle Club

Courtesy of Double Eagle Club

Courtesy of Double Eagle Club

Courtesy of Double Eagle Club