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Don't get comfortable

April 09, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- One of my favorite spots at Augusta National is the hill overlooking the par-3 sixth hole, where fans have an ideal vantage point of two holes (the sixth and the par-3 16th to the right) and where on afternoons of the Masters, young women in sun dresses and guys in plaid shorts converge as if it were a UGA sorority mixer.

It's also an ideal spot on a lazy, sunny morning to find your own patch of perfect grass in between groups to shut your eyes for a minute -- especially if you are, say, a journalist working on five hours of sleep and expecting a long afternoon and evening monitoring the tournament.

So maybe that was the plan a few minutes ago while waiting for Greg Norman to show up on the tee. But then there was a guy to the left who had already decided on the same thing, his black Titleist cap pulled over his eyes. And then there was the Pinkerton guard who appeared over him like a prison warden, who kicked him gently in the shoes and politely asked him to sit up.

Apparently there is no napping at Augusta National. Of course there isn't. Geez, doesn't everybody know that?

*-- Sam Weinman *