Dogs barking at the Monday Night Football cat is the wholesome content the internet was built for

November 05, 2019

By now you've no doubt seen the the Monday Night Football cat—a black cat that somehow found its way onto the MetLife playing surface late in the second quarter of the Cowboys and Giants' NFC East tilt on Monday night. The rogue feline quickly captured the hearts and minds of the internet, while simultaneously jinxing the Giants, who gave up three points before the cat's appearance and 34 after it. In case you missed it, here's a quick refresher...

But football-loving bipeds weren't the only ones losing their collective you-know-what over Football Cat, however. As the little black beast scampered beneath the Meadowlands lights, pets all across America also became transfixed by the spectacle. Fellow felines were inspired by the courageous gallop for freedom...

...while their canine foes found themselves enraged by the brazen display of hubris. Seriously, if this next video isn't the most wholesome thing you've ever seen on this bombed-out cesspool we call the internet, then you gotta send us some URLs.

But Stacey's good boys were far from the only doggos who found themselves captivated by the greatest show on turf, as the mentions quickly made clear.

So yeah that's it. Just a couple of cats taunting dogs and dogs chasing cats. Nothing more to see, especially for Giants fans, who have already blocked the memory of Danny Dimes coughing up a trio of turnovers in another ugly divisional loss completely from their minds.