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Dodgers broadcaster once again clowns the Astros and MLB, has zero quit

On Thursday, we wrote about an A+ dagger delivered by Orel Hershisher, who is the color commentator on the L.A. Dodgers broadcast. The former Cy Young winner daggered Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve, who had struck out looking on a fastball down the middle. “Guessing is harder than knowing,” said Hershisher. Boom, roasted.

The man who put that joke on a tee for Hershisher was play-by-play man Joe Davis, whose voice you most likely know from FOX College Football games in the fall, as well as some MLB playoff games. But Davis’ main job is calling Dodger games, and on Thursday night he tried to one up his broadcast partner with another zinger, this one directed at the MLB more so than the Astros.

For those who missed the Joe Kelly saga earlier this week, Kelly hit a total of zero Astros batters with a pitch in his second appearance of the season. But, I guess because he made a funny face at Carlos Correa, that was worthy of an eight-game suspension, the equivalent of a 21-game suspension in a real, 162-game season. Strong logic.

So when Dodgers starting pitcher Ross Stripling actually hit Arizona’s Starling Marte on Thursday night, in the head, mind you, Davis had the perfect quip:

Obviously, Davis is kidding, but at the same time, are we sure he's kidding? If Kelly is getting the equivalent of 21 games for not hitting anyone, Stripling should probably be placed in prison for actually hitting someone in the head. Don’t care if the ball slipped out of his hands or not. This man is a criminal. CUFF HIM.

Some will say Davis, Hershisher, Dodgers fans, and all other fans still whining about the Kelly suspension, the fact not a single Astro was suspended in the cheating scandal, etc., are just “salty.” Could not disagree more. This should stick with that franchise until the end of time, or at least until their core all retires or leaves for another team.