A reporter tried to ask Doc Rivers some questions from bed and Doc was NOT having it

February 18, 2021

The year is 2021. We’re all coming to you live in pajamas. From our couches, from our kitchens, and, yes, even from the basement. That’s just the way of the world right now. The line between work and home (or is it home and work?) is blurrier than ever. Everyone knows what you have hanging on your walls and whether or not your dog has to take a leak. Privacy is dead, professionalism optional, and we’re all going along with it because, well, do you remember how much commuting sucked? Holy hell, did commuting suck.

In this brave new world, however, there are still a few lines you don’t cross, and this Philadelphia 76ers reporter learned that the hard way on Wednesday, when Doc Rivers broke him over his knee like an itty bitty twig for attempting to ask a question from bed. Yes, we said bed.

OK, so we’re exaggerating a bit about Doc. He’s a nice guy. This clearly blew his mind, but he didn’t go full Saban on the poor reporter. But still, it’s a pretty tough look for Jackson, especially when you begin to peel back the, er, sheets. It’s a wintry Wednesday night a few days after Valentine’s Day, and Jackson is Zooming in from the boudoir to ask about Joel Embiid’s lower back or whatever. That says everything you’ve ever needed to know about Jackson's love life (or lack thereof.)

But hey, look on the brightside, Jax (can we call you Jax?): At least you weren’t in the bathroom.