DirecTV promotes 4K coverage of Amen Corner at Masters with Augusta National flora

March 22, 2016

DirecTV came up with a clever way of publicizing the fact that it will be offering coverage of Amen Corner at the Masters on 4k ultra high definition: A press kit that includes a plant box with some of the renowned flora found at Augusta National Golf Club.

Kurt Badenhausen, a senior editor at Forbes who specializes in the business of sports, received one and posted the arrangement on Twitter. On the plant box, under the DirecTV logo, it says, “Experince Amen Corner LIVE in 4K. It’s the next best thing to being at the Masters.”


The plants include white dogwood, azalea and golden bell, as well as a golf ball with the DirecTV logo.

It will be the first live broadcast in 4K in the U.S.