Did LeBron James pick up golf in the off-season?

October 30, 2013

LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates received their repeat championship rings on NBA opening night and then proceeded to win the first of many games this season. Lost amid the expected, though, was a potential piece of news: Has King James picked up golf?

So it seems in an epic Samsung commercial featuring James that ran in its entirety (TWO minutes!) early in the first quarter. The spot mainly shows the four-time NBA MVP working out, hanging at home with his family and goofing around with teammates, but the twist comes 45 seconds in.

First, LeBron is shown hitting, er, trying to hit balls on the range. Then he takes his game onto the course. Check it out:

Prior to this, the only known evidence that LeBron James had set foot on a golf course before was this post on from four years ago, which contained a few grainy photos of the superstar with business buddies Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Talk about a Nassau that could get out of hand. . .

But perhaps James is finally coming around on the sport. It would make sense. After all, he lives in Miami, his best friend, L.A. Clippers point guard Chris Paul is a golf fanatic, and he has several teammates who play, including near-scratch golfer Ray Allen. He even shares a birthday, Dec. 30, with Tiger Woods! Not to mention, there's a certain NBA legend with whom he's always compared who seems to take his golf as seriously as he took racking up titles with the Chicago Bulls.

So "Be like Mike," LeBron, and really give golf a try. And remember, we're always here to help!