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Determining Who's Away on Greens

October 27, 2008

Michigan reader David Buckley was among many who took Jerry Tarde up on his invitation to send suggestions or tips. After reading David's tip, I'm impressed again with how much our readers think about this game, about every detail and nuance of it. Here's the tip:


Being a golfer I've often experienced many rounds where I notice my playing partners having a difficult time deciding who is closest to the hole, when on the green. My tip will help in determining which ball is closest.


You have two balls on the green. Your partner asks who is closest to the pin. This is what you do: Draw an imaginary line on the green that would connect the two balls. Now go to that line and stand on it at a point that would allow another line to be drawn from the pin this line, intersecting it perpendicularly. From that point whichever ball is closest to you is closest to the pin.

Thanks, David. First, I appreciate the fact that you were able to articulate this tip without using the word hypotenuse. That was merciful. And what you say makes sense for those semi-official matches that we take very seriously.

For everything else, here's my tip: On any golf shot, putt or not, if you have to ask who is closest, don't ask; hit. The guys in the group behind will thank you.

--Bob Carney