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Defending Tiger

__It was Ben Hogan's golf. Let's say it. Dan Jenkins


I like the New Tiger. Rory Sabbatini

Taking a brief break from Stacking and Tilting, here's a final plea from Frank Cardon of Rochester to Dan Jenkins to "get over" Ben Hogan, inspired by Jenkins' You Hated the Masters? I loved it, in the June issue. (Frank reportedly asked Richard Burton to get over Elizabeth Taylor once, too):

__Come on, Dan, you've got to give it up, buddy. Ben Hogan didn't attempt to hit 13 or 15 at Augusta National in two because he couldn't. He also didn't have the courage to go for the 11th green because of the little pond on the left of the green. Hogan was a great player, but how well would he have done on today's courses, many of which have water everywhere? You've got to get over this tiny Texan. I've read enough of your stuff to understand how difficult it is for you to watch Tiger Woods win 33 percent

of the time. Get on the bandwagon, buddy. You not only are you boring your readers with that Hogan and anti-Woods stuff, but you are showing your age.


That last was a low blow, Frank. You remind me of Rory Sabbatini.

Sabbatini, one of the guys who tied for second with Woods at the last major, became downright feisty at the last near-major, The Players, suggesting that the Tiger Frank is talking about is the "old" Tiger and that he, Sabbatini, likes the "new" one. Whatever brought it on, Sir Rory's comment didn't sit well with Bob Hance, another outspoken Texan:

Rory Sabbatini, voted the least liked player on the PGA Tour, seems to have a real problem by not being able to beat Tiger Woods. I have a suggestion for him. Instead of tryng to use his mouth as a tool, he might do as millions of golfers do every day. When an inferior golfer is unable to beat a superior golfer, he demands a few strokes to make things even. It works real well and and certainly keeps the chin music at a minimum.

Defenders of Tiger Woods, consider your job done on all fronts. Until the Tiger roars again.

—Bob Carney[#image: /photos/55adb22bb01eefe207f8bfa3]|||Jenkins_masters|||