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Defending Kenny Perry!

October 15, 2008

This just landed and I won't wait a second before posting it. Those of you who have taken delight in castigating Kenny Perry for saying that the Tour Championship "ruined the greatest year of my life" (and on and on), take note. Mr. Perry has his defenders. Or at least one defender, reader Dan Goodwin of Rocklin, California:


All Kenny has done is set a plan for himself to make the Ryder Cup team, go out and have a great year with three wins, have the week of his career at the Ryder Cup and your magazine which never ran a picture of him on the cover after any of his wins, shows his back while hugging his dad after his great singles win. Your magazine should be ashamed of themself. Here is a feel good story and you guys have done nothing but throw Kenny under the bus all year. >

Kenny is a true gentleman and has never forgotten who buttered his bread at the beginning of his career which is why he plays in the Milwaukees and the likes. This is someone I root for every time he tees it up. Golf needs more like Mr. Perry and less of the arrogance that surrounds this game. >


Dan, there is arrogance and then there is complaining, during a financial crisis that has left hundreds of thousands without jobs and more without savings, that playing four rounds of golf for $370,000 has ruined your anything. Gentleman or no, Mr. Perry has revealed himself to be tone-deaf, at the very least.

--Bob Carney