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Perry, Cabrera and English

April 14, 2009

Your post-Masters letters to Golf World are taking sides, as usual. Not surprisingly, there is great support for Kenny Perry. More surprising is a bit of anti-Cabrera sentiment.



Dear Editor:>

Pure gold, Kenny Perry. His great play was exceeded only by his grace. Perhaps he could take solace that, in the greater scheme of things, the impact of the win by Angel Cabrera will mean more to a entire country, than to a single fine country man.>

Hilary Ross>

Fresno, CA


__Dear Editor,>

The media has created too much pressure and hype for the common mortal American tour player to win the Masters anymore. This is why so many foreigners win it, as they know little of its history and prestige to want it as badly as so many American players. You now have to be from another planet, or be raised on a dirt floor, like Cabrerra to win this thing. To watch Kenny Perry play the first 70 holes like a Hall of Famer and the last 2 like a 2nd-flight chop from my club, was tough to watch. Mental coaches should teach players more on how to 'finish' an event, particularly a major.__

Scott McBreen

Seattle WA


Dear Editor,>

I do appreciate Angel Cabrera's accomplishments in capturing two of America's most prestigious majors in less than two years. However, I do not appreciate that Cabrera has stated that he chooses not to learn our language.


Fran Durkin

Waverly, PA

I share your admiration of Kenny Perry, who does know how to close but didn't do it last Sunday. What's more, he knows how to face the music (and the media) when he doesn't close. He did that with both grace and candor Sunday. As for Cabrera: He speaks English reasonably well. When asked why he uses a translator in situations like the Butler Cabin ceremony, he said it is because he wants to be sure to say precisely what he intends. Given the attention paid to every nuance of Masters champion's interview, I'm not sure I disagree; it's certainly meant as no disrespect to this country. Cabrera is a worthy champion, translator or no.

--Bob Carney