Still Slicing? This'll Do The Trick

May 19, 2013

What I'm about to tell you defies conventional wisdom, but it's very effective in curing a slice. Address the ball in an open stance, your feet aligned left of the target. Surprised? You've probably been told to close your stance to promote an in-to-out swing and, therefore, help fix your slice. Not so fast.

For many amateurs a closed stance has the opposite effect: It makes them cut across the ball even more. Why? Because if you're fighting a slice and I tell you to aim right, now you really feel like you have to re-route the club and swing left. Instead, I want you to align your feet left of the target (but keep your shoulders square). If you know you're aimed left, you won't be so afraid to swing out to the right--and that's what you need to do to fix a slice. You're tricking your brain, but after a few nice draws, somehow I don't think you'll mind.



Although I advocate an open stance to help cure a slice, do the opposite with your eyes. Get your eye line pointing right of your target as you stand at address. It'll encourage an in-to-out swing through impact--and straighter tee shots.

David Leadbetter, a Golf Digest Teaching Professional, operates 26 golf academies worldwide.