It's so good, once it hits your lips

David Bakhtiari is the greatest beer chugger Wisconsin has ever seen, and that’s saying something

You may know David Bakhtiari as the guy who’s been protecting Aaron Rodgers’ blindside the past couple seasons. The San Mateo native was a fourth-round pick in 2013 and last year signed an extension that made him the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history. That’s not a bad trajectory, but chances are that’s not why Bakhtiari’s name rings a bell. Instead, it’s probably because he's the greatest beer chugger Wisconsin has ever seen (and that’s saying something).

It all began back in 2019, when Bakhtiari was spotted at a Milwaukee Bucks game having a little cross-court chug-off with his signal caller. Bakhtiari wiped the floor with him and the crowd went wild. If those scenes aren’t burned into your memory, well, they are now.

On Sunday night, however, Bakhtiari made his triumphant return to the Fiserv Forum for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. With the Bucks in desperate need of a leader, Bakhtiari stepped up, beer in hand, and put the entire city of Wisconsin on his back. Bottom's up.

While Taylor Lewan, who exploded like a raging Kodiak bear at a Nashville Predators playoff game earlier this summer, has Bakhtiari beat in raw, animal intensity, Bakhtiari’s chugging prowess is second to no man, taking down two brews (and his hair) in a span of seconds. Then, just when you thought the plot couldn’t twist anymore, Bakhtiari’s dad pops up and throws one down himself. Iconic stuff from an iconic family.

It feels like the whole world is Team Suns right now, but after the Bakhtiari family beer-union on Sunday, we have only this to say:

Go Bucks.