Dash Day continues to win at life, steals show at Players

May 15, 2016

There were all sorts of reasons to root for the challengers at the Players. Ken Duke was the affable journeyman. Kevin Chappell was looking for his first PGA Tour win.

The reason to root against those guys? None of them could deliver Dash Day in all his Dash Day-ness. Yes, technically, it was Jason Day, Dash's father, who captured a four-stroke win at TPC Sawgrass. But with all due respect to the world No. 1, no one on a golf course this side of Arnold Palmer oozes as much charisma as 4-year-old Dash.

First, as Jason made his way to the 18th green, cameras first spied Dash playfully pummeling away at Rickie Fowler. Then we got this.

And then, when the win was official, Dash spilled onto the 18th green for a family celebration that included mom Ellie and baby sister Lucy. What's most remarkable about such an ebullient display is that Dash was up vomiting Saturday night. As Jason joked to the media, it was the most stress he had all week, but it also provided him some perspective before the final round.

"Thinking about that, knowing that if I let this get to me, I could possibly lose the tournament, because if I look at this negative, in a negative way, and say, Oh, man, Dash kept me up all night because he was sick and it just wasn't going my way. If I look at it that way, instead of going, okay, this is just something that's been thrown at me, how do I handle it. I've got to come into the day enjoying myself and go from there. And that's how I handled it," Day said.

Of course at Golf Digest, we've been on the Dash Day train for a while, which explains why we had him on our January cover this year. Gentleman that he is, Dash allowed his father to be included as well.