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Last remaining defender of chivalry Danny Willett is raking his own bunkers with his wife on the bag this week

August 27, 2020

If you’re not keeping tabs on the ins and outs of Danny Willett’s love life at every waking hour of every day, then you might have missed the news that this week the 2016 Masters champ showed up at the U.K. Championship with a very special someone on the bag:

His wife Nicole.

“My wife and I haven’t had more than two hours alone in seven months. So we are using this week to have a bit of time together on our own.” Willett said of the couple’s pseudo-staycation on Wednesday. “She has never caddied for me, and she’s a bit nervous. She doesn’t want to get anything wrong. Luckily we’ve got a nice draw with Bernd and Laney [Wiesberger’s caddie, Jamie Lane], who is a good pal of ours. So hopefully he’ll be raking bunkers for me and making sure she’s looked after.”

As it turns out, Willett didn’t end up needing Lane’s help, raking his own bunkers on Thursday, as any good husband would. Perhaps rumors of chivalry’s demise were exaggerated after all.

What a guy. As a certain member of Golf Digest heads off for his own wedding this weekend, he would do well take a page or two out of Willett’s yardage book.