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Danny Lee is happy about winning $1.2 million, but still sad about not having a girlfriend

July 06, 2015

Danny Lee is currently the man of the moment on the PGA Tour after winning his first title and taking home $1.2 million. But something is still missing for the 24-year-old New Zealander.

Like the Beatles always said, "Can't buy me love."

After his breakthrough victory, Lee was asked about coming to West Virginia for the Greenbrier Classic and this was his amusing/glum response:

"It was just amazing. It's phenomenal. It's my fourth time playing here, and I liked it every single year. Only one wish I had was if I had a girlfriend, it wouldn't be as lonely in the room."

Awww :(

Hopefully, Danny doesn't follow Keegan Bradley's girlfirend, Jillian Stacey, on Instagram. Because this will just make him even more sad.

The Greenbrier is such a nice resort that Keegan and Jillian even brought their dog, Penny, along for the trip:

Hmm. Maybe Danny should start with a pet?