Rubbin' is Racin'

The NFL’s new resident maniac Dan Campbell showed up to his weekly press conference in an IndyCar helmet

When Dan Campbell was first named head coach of the Detroit Lions, we were like “haha, that’s the tight-end coach who was in charge of the Dolphins for like 30 seconds before he started running Oklahoma Drills in front of the media.” It was perhaps the most Detroit Lions hire you could imagine, but it didn’t seem like stop-the-presses news.

We were dead wrong.

Since his hiring, Dan Campbell has done everything in his earthly power to stop the presses. His introductory press conference, including the now-infamous quote about biting opponents’ kneecaps, was a white-knuckle tour-de-force. Soon after, the name plaque outside his office was emblazoned with “The Dude” in tribute to ‘The Big Lebowski.’ He’s dubbed himself a “true alpha” and semi-seriously floated the idea of getting a real pet lion to parade around practice. The man is unhinged in the best kind of football way, and on Thursday morning that trend continued when Campbell showed up to his weekly press conference looking like this.

Now Campbell is not the kind of guy who needs reasons for doing things, he just does them. In this case, however, there is method to his madness, as Campbell was named as the honorary grand marshall of the Detroit Grand Prix, set to go down at Belle Isle next weekend. Thus the IndyCar helmet, if you’re not following along.

There’s no telling how long Campbell’s reign in Detroit will last. About a cup and half of coffee, if history is any indication. So America, we beg you, don’t take these moments for granted. Campbell may be the king today, but nothing gold can stay.