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Daly to Harmon: 'Real Men Don't Do That'

SOUTHPORT, England -- John Daly has been quietly fuming for a couple months since being dismissed from class by famed swing coach Butch Harmon, who accused Big John of being more interested in drinking than golf. On Wednesday, Daly ended his silence.

"Real men don't do that," said Daly, adding that Harmon was wrong in going public with his remarks before checking the facts. The last straw for Harmon was during the PODS Championship in Tampa, where Daly wound up with Tampa Bay Bucs coach John Gruden as a caddie after a rain delay.

"Butch told the Golf Channel that I'm just a drunk and it was ridiculous that Coach Gruden caddied for me," Daly went on. "He just made up stuff and by putting it out all over the world and not talking to me, I mean, it's kind of ridiculous.

"I tried talking to him (Harmon) on the phone at the Byron Nelson and he said he'd retract what he said and he never did. The Golf Channel, or whoever it was, he denied ever talking to them. I don't know what his problem is, but he needs to stay as far away from me as he possibly can."

Asked for a response while at the British Open, Harmon said, "I'm sorry he feels that way. I like JD. He's a good guy. He just needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for his own actions."

--Bob Verdi