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Daly Begins Working With Butch

January 14, 2008

John Daly flew overnight from Hawaii to California, then drove to Las Vegas for his first session with Butch Harmon. "If he [does] all the things I ask him to do, he'll win this year," Harmon said.

Most of the work will be between Daly's ears, but Harmon did get Daly to tighten the backswing on his wedge shots and get more extension on his follow-through with the longer clubs. "Ball-striking wise, he's tremendous," Daly said after arriving early for the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

Daly has no sponsor on his shirt and no exempt status. He also said he has avoided alcohol for a week and didn't visit any casinos during his Vegas stay. "Times are tough," he said. "Only one guy could get me there, and that's Butchie."

--Tim Rosaforte

This article is taken from the Jan. 18 issue of Golf World Magazine