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August 11, 2016

Dad lets son knock lit candle out of his mouth with golf ball, is most-trusting dad ever

Remember that scene in Varsity Blues when the fathers of two high school quarterbacks show off by having each of their sons try to knock a beer can off their heads with a football? And Mox drills his dad in the face on purpose? Well, this isn't exactly the same thing, but it's close enough to reference. And anytime you have a chance to mention James Van Der Beek in a golf post, you have to take it.

In any event, one dad was brave enough to let his seven-year-old son, Henson Sharpe, put out a lit candle hanging out of his mouth by hitting a golf ball. Check it out:

If you watch until the end, you can tell they use a soft ball, but it's still a cool trick. Also, you see that there are some, um, bloopers, which are pretty funny.

In addition to having a really cool name, it turns out that Sharpe is a really good golfer. He's the Mississippi Golf Association state champion for his age group and a 2015 regional champ in the U.S. Kids Golf Championship.

This also isn't not the first time Henson has played with fire. Check out a couple of his other trick shots:

Keep it up, Henson, and good job, dad. Oh, and it's probably best you don't let your son watch Varsity Blues for at least another 10 years.