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Curtis Strange Return to Booth?

It struck us, during the Open, that it was nice to have Curtis Strange back in the booth. So we were pretty sure it would strike someone else that it was *not *nice to have Curtis back. And so it was. While we thought that Curtis had added a new candor to his commentary, others were just perturbed. Kathy Lane of La Quinta, for example.


I love to play golf and enjoy watching it on tv, except when Curtis Strange is in the booth. I want a commentator who sticks to the tournament and players on the course and can tell me more than I can see for myself...for that reason, I really enjoy listening to Johnny Miller.


I was dismayed to read Tim Rosaforte's column on the possibility of Strange's return to television. I suggest the decision-makers considering this move listen to some past commentaries by Strange. His remarks always seem to be more about him than the players on the course...a perfect example is in the TV Rewind section in this issue. The guy was only on the air for a few minutes...yet managed to say "the Open was special at my house...I played in my firsst in '77 and to have excelled and won,it still really gets me."

I can mute him for short appearances, but I have trouble believing I am the only viewer that finds Curtis's commentary strangely annoying.

Kathy was not alone. Here's Fred Zinn of Pinehurst:


Please, please, no re-run for Curtis Strange into the ABC booth. It has been a GREAT RELEIF not to listen to him over the last few years. His "strange" accent bothers even my golf pal who was born and raised in Virginia and has never heard anyone talk like TOM for time and FAV for five.>


What did the rest of you think?

--Bob Carney