Ryder CupSeptember 28, 2014

European crowd heckles Patrick Reed before singles match, Reed gives "shush" signal, Twitter explodes

The crowd stationed on the first tee at the 2014 Ryder Cup has been boisterous all week, especially on Sunday, but things took an ugly turn when Patrick Reed came to the tee. A fan yelled: "Did you practice your putting Patrick?" before Reed's singles match against Henrik Stenson, alluding to the short putt Reed missed on his 16th hole in Saturday foursomes that led to a halve. Patrick Reed went on to win the match 1 up.

Credit to Golf Central Daily for the video:

It was the only incident of heckling on the day, and it was immediately condemned by onlookers, notably 1999 British Open champion Paul Lawrie.

The reaction on Twitter was, as expected, relatively varied.  [#twitter: https://twitter.com/dkelner/status/516204233323184128] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/RonKaspriske/status/516199996849684480] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/KylePorterCBS/status/516199967653113857] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/angrygolfhulk/status/516199562386886656] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/plarrazabal/status/516199383181053952] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/bmohler09/status/516199854113304576] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/RyanBallengee/status/516199486759378944] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/JasonSobelGC/status/516199478223593473] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/damonhackGC/status/516199599368044545] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/KellyTilghmanGC/status/516199630707519488] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/RyanLavnerGC/status/516199853119275010] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/jaybusbee/status/516199696361349121] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/PaulAzinger/status/516199834945347584] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEinBigD/status/516199757941710848] [#twitter: https://twitter.com/GolfCentral/status/516200577135816705]

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