Blizzard Birdies

Country singer Erin Alvey shows off her, uhh, swing in the Georgia snow

January 4, 2018

Meet Erin Alvey—country singer, southern bell, and certified Instagram golf lover:

According to social media, life for Alvey seems to be a balmy, Daisy Duke-approved affair, but when a massive storm system dumped several inches of snow on the, err, Florida-Georgia Line on Tuesday, she—just like every other self-respecting, slightly maladjusted golf nut on the East Coast—didn't let that stop her from getting out there working on the ol' swing...

So sure, it could use some work, but two quick things before you get carried away with the hip torsion analysis:

  1. So could yours, and something tells us you don't have Alvey's looks going for you.

  2. This is a woman who managed to get Chipper Jones into a music video, so you know she can do anything if she sets her mind to it (even if that means getting that handicap down into the single digits).