Prepare your body for the demands of the golf season with a top-notch fitness routine. This workout series from Golf Digest 50 Best Golf-Fitness Trainer Kaitlyn Pimentel will teach you how to prime your golf muscles to swing with power and efficiency. Just follow along, do what Kaitlyn does in the videos, and you’re on your way to getting golf-fit.

Whether you’ve been working out during your lay-off or took a bit of an off-season, this golf-centric fitness series will help you build a foundation for a better, healthier game. Kaitlyn starts off with a routine that will improve your mobility and posture. Her Level 2 workout focuses on strengthening your core golf muscles. Level 3 and Level 4 are all about getting more explosive, developing speed and adding cardio.

Move through the four-part program at your own pace, and set yourself up for success this season. Then, come back to “Couch to Course” whenever you take a break from the game, or simply use it as your everyday workout routine. Take your fitness—and your game—to the next level!