Costco restocks popular Kirkland golf ball, only to run out in two hours

December 21, 2016

Remember the Costco-made golf balls, a $15 product that was drawing comparisons to Titleist's Pro V1? The ball was so popular that the superstore ran out almost immediately. The good news is the in-house Kirkland ball was back on shelves December 20.

The bad news? The ball is out of stock again. And this time, it was only accessible for two hours.

As soon as the ball became available, consumers complained that the Costco website was jammed. By 1:00 PM EST, the following was displayed on the product page.


Worse, as a few users pointed out to Geoff Shackelford, some placed orders were cancelled by the warehouse club.

In a ridiculous development, the balls are going for as much as $100 on eBay, seemingly defeating the ball's attraction.


Why not buy a Pro V1 -- or similarly-priced ball -- for that figure?

In short, consider yourself lucky if Santa leaves a dozen Kirkland balls under your tree.