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Corrections From Our Readers

March 21, 2008

Jim Moriarty's coverage of the PODS Championship in Golf World contained the note that John "Daly reprised his roll in Happy Scaffolding where he signed autographs and pedaled souvenirs."

Winning an Editors' Blog tip of the visor are two readers who identified mistakes in that little note:

After opening the issue with K.J. Choi on the cover and simply scanning Jim Moriarty's article on the PODS Championship, I was surprised to learn that John Daly "reprised his roll" and then "pedaled souvenirs." Did K.J. also handle the proof reading for this article?

Ouch. That was Texan Jim Piland. Right behind him was Robert K. Fortenbaugh.

I cannot visualize John Daly on a bicycle "pedaling" souvenirs. Your writer or proofreader should know the difference between that word and "peddling". Careful pronunciation of the two words tells you that they are different.

We stand corrected: Roll should have been role; pedaled should have been peddled.

Thank you, sirs, for taking the time to bring these to our attention. Moriarty, you're on double secret probation.

--Bob Carney