Copy This Thing The Tour Pros Do To Improve Your Consistency

July 17, 2016

There are a lot of things the pros do that you simply cannot copy. Phil Mickelson’s short game? You’re not going to look like that around the greens next time you play. How far Dustin Johnson rips the ball? You’re probably not gonna pull that off, either.

But don’t be discouraged.

There’s a big thing the pros do that you can perfectly copy – and it’ll help your game. No matter what your handicap is, your setup can look like a tour player’s.

Kevin Smeltz, Director of Golf at the Bishop’s Gate Golf Academy, says that there is a lot to be gained by putting yourself in a good, stable address position.


"Using a middle iron, set your stance so that the outside of your heels are shoulder-width apart (1), with each foot turned out slightly," Smeltz says. "Stand up straight, arms out, and look down at your shoes, then flex your knees until you lose sight of your shoelaces," he says. "Keep your back straight, and let your arms fall until they rest against your sides. Now bend forward and sole the club (2). Center your weight in the arches of your feet, and you're in a balanced, ready position."

Practice in the mirror to make sure you have it down, and then take it out to the course. Addressing the ball with the same, powerful set-up is going to help you hit more consistent, solid shots.