Conference standings for the curious

February 25, 2011

Let me stop you before you get started: I know conference head-to-head records have literally  no baring on anything. Only the overall head-to-head mark has any significance, and then it's only in the men's game where qualifying for the NCAA post-season as an at-large team requires a .500 or better record.

All this said, I am for some reason fascinated by explore the head-to-head records of teams within their conference, at least with the marquee leagues. I think they're interesting on two fronts:

* It's kind of fun to see how often teams within a conference actually play against each other (notice that in the ACC, the Boston College women have yet to face a conference foe).

Meanwhile, these few days provide a perfect time to actually check out the conference standings since for come quirk of the schedule, seemingly no school from any of the marquee conferences actually has been playing the past few days.

Thus ... here is a look at the men's and women's records for the Big Five conferences.





__BIG 12

__[#image: /photos/55ad737db01eefe207f6a129]|||Big 12 Standings 2-25.jpg|||