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Conference preview: Big Ten

Big Ten Conference[



2007-08 outlook


Predicted champion: Michigan State

Predicted player of the year: Ryan Brehm, Michigan State

Predicted freshman of the year: Chris DeForest, Illinois

NCAA Regional bound: Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Northwestern

Team on the rise: Wisconsin

Biggest question mark: Minnesota

Wouldn't be surprised to see: Northwestern's young team, with freshmen Ravi Patel and Josh Dupont, and sophomore David Lipsky likely getting significant playing time, make a little noise before the season is through

Would be shocked to see: New Iowa coach Mark Hankins lead the Hawkeyes to a Big Ten title ... this year at least.

__2006-07 Accolades

Player of the year:__ Matt Harmon, Michigan State

Freshman of the year: Kevin Foley, Penn State

Coach of the year: Mark Hankins, Michigan State

Big Ten medalist: Pariya Junhasavasdikul, Purdue

All-Big Ten First team:

Jorge Campillo, Indiana*

Matt Harmon, Michigan State

Bronson La'Cassie, Minnesota

Niall Turner, Minnesota

Robert Rohanna, Penn State*

Pariya Junhasavasdikul, Purdue

  • returns in 2007-08

2007-08 RANKING

  1. Michigan State

  2. Minnesota

  3. Wisconsin

  4. Indiana

  5. Northwestern

  6. Penn State

  7. Michigan

  8. Illinois

  9. Purdue

  10. Ohio State

  11. Iowa



2007-08 outlook



Predicted champion: Purdue

Predicted player of the year: Maria Hernandez, Purdue

Predicted freshman of the year: Maude-Aimee LeBlanc, Purdue

NCAA Regional bound: Purdue, Michigan State, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State

Team on the rise: Indiana

Biggest question mark: Ohio State

Wouldn't be surprised to see: Any, or all, of the starting five at Purdue be named first-team All-Big Ten honorees.

Would be shocked to see: More than five teams make regionals.

__2006-07 Accolades

Player of the year:__ Maria Hernandez, Purdue

Freshman of the year: Stefanie Endstrasse, Purdue

Coach of the year: Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll, Michigan State

Big Ten medalist: Rachel Meikle, Michigan State

All-Big Ten First team:

Sara Brown, Michigan State*

Dana Je, Ohio State

Christel Boeljon, Purdue*

Stefanie Endstrasser, Purdue

Myrte Eikenaar, Purdue

Maria Hernandez, Purdue*

  • returns in 2007-08

2006-07 RANKING

  1. Purdue

  2. Michigan State

  3. Indiana

  4. Michigan

  5. Ohio State

  6. Iowa

  7. Northwestern

  8. Penn State

  9. Wisconsin

  10. Illinois

  11. Minnesota

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