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Conference preview: Big 12

Big 12 Conference[



2007-08 outlook


Predicted champion: Texas A&M

Predicted player of the year: Rickie Fowler, Oklahoma State

Predicted freshman of the year: Rickie Fowler, Oklahoma State

NCAA Regional bound: Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Baylor

Team on the rise: Texas A&M

Biggest question mark: Oklahoma State

Wouldn't surprise me to see: At least one of the top six teams not be eligible for the post-season because of a sub-.500 record

Would shock me to see: Oklahoma State freshman Rickie Fowler win fewer than two individual tournaments.

__2006-07 Accolades

Team champion:__ Oklahoma State

Player of the year: Pablo Martin, Oklahoma State

Freshman of the year: Jesse Schutte, Oklahoma

Coach of the year: Mike McGraw, Oklahoma State

Big 12 medalist: Pablo Martin, Oklahoma State

All-Big 12 First team:

Bronson Burgoon, Texas A&M*

Oscar Floren, Texas Tech

Robert Gates Jr., Texas A&M*

Tyler Leon, Oklahoma State

Pablo Martin, Oklahoma State

Jonathan Moore, Oklahoma State

Martin Piller, Texas A&M*

Brady Schnell, Nebraska

Kevin Schultz, Texas*

Gary Woodland, Kansas

  • returns in 2007-08

2007-08 predicted finish:

  1. Texas A&M

  2. Oklahoma State

  3. Texas

  4. Texas Tech

  5. Oklahoma

  6. Baylor

  7. Colorado

  8. Missouri

  9. Nebraska

  10. Kansas

  11. Kansas State

  12. Iowa State


2007-08 outlook



Predicted champion: Oklahoma State

Predicted player of the year: Pernilla Lindberg, Oklahoma State

Predicted freshman of the year: Sarah Zwartynski, Texas A&M

NCAA Regional bound: Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas, Baylor, Nebraska

Team on the rise: Texas

Biggest question mark: Texas A&M

Wouldn't surprise me to see: Aggie sophomore Danielle McVeigh make the loss of graduating senior Ashley Knoll a little less difficult to overcome

__Would shock me to see:__In a thin freshman class in the conference, any first-year player vying for national freshman of the year honors.

__2006-07 Accolades

Team champion:__ Texas A&M

Player of the year: Ashley Knoll, Texas A&M

Freshmen of the year: Hannah Burke, Baylor; Danielle McVeigh, Texas A&M

Coach of the year: Jeanne Sutherland, Texas A&M

Big 12 medalist: Amanda Costner, Kansas

All-Big 12 First team:

Sarah Bradley, Oklahoma State*

Elli Brown, Nebraska*

Hannah Burke, Baylor*

Amanda Costner, Kansas

Kelly Jacques, Oklahoma*

Lauren Johnson, Texas A&M*

Karin Kinnerud, Oklahoma State*

Ashley Knoll, Texas A&M

Pernilla Lindberg, Oklahoma State*

Danielle McVeigh, Texas A&M*

Allison Martin, Baylor

  • returns in 2007-08

2007-08 predicted finish:

  1. Oklahoma State

  2. Texas A&M

  3. Texas

  4. Baylor

  5. Nebraska

  6. Oklahoma

  7. Missouri

  8. Kansas

  9. Kansas State

  10. Colorado

  11. Texas Tech

  12. Iowa State

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