Commit earlier, Tiger

March 08, 2009

So says Mark Reason in the Telegraph. He argues that it might have helped the sponsor and tournament organizers had Tiger Woods not waited, per his custom, until the Friday before to commit to this week's WGC-CA Championship. Reason writes:

"Two weeks ago Tiger Woods said: 'It is very important for all of us to understand how important sponsors are to our sport.' Tiger then leaves it until the Friday afternoon before the event to announce his participation in this week's CA Championship. That would really have helped the sponsors promote their tournament. Not."

UPDATE: Hank Gola's column in the New York Daily News makes the same point. Its headline: "Tiger Woods, what are you waiting for?"

Gola writes: "It was Tiger just being Tiger. But as so often happens, he's so immersed in his own little tight world, he doesn't see the big picture and his effect on it...The thing is, tournaments these days need every little drop of juice in order to promote the event."

-- John Strege