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Commissioner Finchem Just Won't Give it Up

August 30, 2007

Tim Finchem, in typical Tim Finchem fashion, played his cards close to the vest when he spoke with reporters at the Deutsche Bank Championship on Thursday. The two revelations:

Of course, if you really read through the transcript, you're not sure he said anything of the kind. In fact, you're not even sure it's the English language.

For instance, on potential FedEx Cup Playoffs revisions, Finchem says: "But the actual process of dealing with, well, does this suggestion make sense or that suggestion make sense, is something that would be later."

And on a potential drug testing program: "It'll be a combination of things that are banned, and then the extent to which we execute on the policy will cover all the substances that are banned. So I'll have more definitive information for you later."


But then maybe this clears it up . . . or doesn't: "But you know, I don't know the extent to which any commissioner can take responsibility for eradicating the problem, but you have to take responsibility for taking your best efforts to either deal with the problem or try to eradicate it."

Of course, keeping us in the dark tends to be just the way the Commissioner likes it.

--Mike Stachura

(Photo: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)**