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It's the weekend, so let's all enjoy this incredible College World Series catch from N.C. State's Devonte Brown

June 25, 2021

Live in North Carolina for a decade, as I have, and you may eventually accrue enough local social media connections to get a front row seat when N.C. State Twitter blows up. Usually? It's a frightening prospect, and it means that someone has been thrown out of a game or a person from UNC has said something mean. Today, however, State Twitter blew up for the right reason. The Wolfpack are in the College World Series, their Cinderella run (which started with a truly insane upset of Arkansas in the super-regionals, a team that had not lost a series all year) is seemingly unstoppable, and right fielder Devonte Brown just made an insane catch to rob an extra base hit against Vanderbilt. Watch:

Here's some slo-mo:

Here's a picture capturing the most horizontal moment:

The Wolfpack are 2-0 in Omaha, and missing a ton of players due to COVID protocols for this game. They literally have only nine position players available, and four pitchers, which goes beyond "skeleton crew." That's particularly brutal considering that if they win this game, they advance to the final series against either Texas or Mississippi State. They'll need some heroics to keep the streak alive, and Brown just delivered the first of them. Everything about that catch ruled, from the early jump to the dive to the superman landing, and it may prove critical. I do hate to say this, but...go Pack?