College golf coach and girlfriend have a spectacularly awkward time on Kiss Cam

December 16, 2015

The Kiss Cam has become a ubiquitous spectacle at sporting events. Most segments involve couples plating a PG-peck on the big screen to the collective sigh of the fans.

However, two particular cases get the crowd going: Senior citizens making out like young lovers, and an awkward couple with stage fright.

This is a video of the latter. Better yet, it involves a golf coach.

Kyle Collins is an assistant coach for the University of Texas at San Antonio. Collins was at the Spurs game on Tuesday night with a date, and found himself on the Kiss Cam.

Things did not go well.

Every man has been denied a kiss at some point in his life. But on a Jumbotron? A fate worse than death.

To his credit, Collins seemed to take the experience in stride:

Although, after reviewing the tape, one wonders: Does she know that you two are together, Kyle?