Coach O and LSU running King of the Hill drills in the August heat is premium unleaded football fuel

September 01, 2020

As we pointed out last week, despite it definitely not feeling like it, college football is already underway in a few select bastions of America. On Saturday night, Central Arkansas defeated Austin Peay 24-17 to kick off the FCS season, and will follow that up on Thursday with a quickfire showdown with UAB. Saturday brings a full slate action, featuring Middle Tennessee vs. Army, SMU vs. Texas State, and Memphis vs. Arkansas State, before Week 1 concludes with BYU vs. Navy on Labor Day. For many, however, the CFB season doesn’t truly begin until the big dogs take the field in late September. Thankfully Coach O and LSU are helping to keep us sated until with this incredible (and incredibly ridiculous) King of the Hill drill, which they posted to social media on Tuesday. Sound way the hell up.

Why the Oklahoma Drill is outlawed but you can still do this is beyond us, but we’re thankful for the A++ content all same. You really gotta love the tenacity of the players, who look hungrier than your stoned cousin on Thanksgiving despite last year’s national championship, but only Coach O could make blowing a whistle the star of the show. Is there anything this man can’t make must-see TV? (On second thought, don’t answer that question.)

LSU kickoff the season on September 26th against Mike Leach’s new-look Mississippi State, who should be throwing the ball all over the park. At least in theory. It's tough to push the ball downfield when you’re wearing a 350-pound blue-ribbon hog-molly like a cape. But don't take our word for it. Just ask coach.