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Cink: Players don't understand importance of pro-am

September 01, 2010

Those arguing against the PGA Tour rule responsible for Jim Furyk having been disqualified from the Barclays for arriving late for his pro-am tee time generally ignore the importance of the pro-am to the success of PGA Tour golf. Stewart Cink is among those who get it, though by his own estimation a majority of players don't.

"I'd say less than 50 percent of the players really understand how important they are, and that's a shame,'' Cink told Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe. "And despite the tour's efforts, I think that trend is going down.

"I don't think players make the connection between the pro-am and the support. We aren't born into this world with the entitlement of playing golf on the PGA Tour. All this happens through hard work and sponsorship, and we have to be attractive to business sponsors who want to put their name and their money behind us.''

In the wake of the controversy that emerged from Furyk's disqualification, the rule has been suspended by PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem.

-- John Strege