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CI Podcast/Alabama's Cory Whitsett

January 06, 2012

So which college player had the best finish to 2011?

You can make a good argument that the answer is Cory Whitsett. The Alabama sophomore won a playoff over Missouri's Jace Long and San Diego State's Todd Baek to claim the Western Refining College All-America Golf Classic title right before Thanksgiving. Whitsett shot a seven-under 206 to become the third Crimson Tide golfer in school history to win the event.


Whitsett then made it two-for-two in college golf's "off" season with a three-shot victory over teammate Bobby Wyatt at the inaugural Patriot All America event outside Phoenix just prior to New Year's. A 14-under 199 earned him the champion's fighter pilot jacket (right) in an event that honorary the military (participants carried bags inscribed with the name of a fallen service member with the bags to be auctioned to help raise funds for Folds of Honor).

Whitsett joins me for the first podcast of 2012, talking about his double dip to close 2011, the tweaks he's made with his swing this fall, Alabama's chances at winning a national title this spring and who he thinks will claim the BCS title on Monday (hint: he does attend Alabama).