Chad Johnson screaming at Brandon Marshall about McDonald's will have you running straight to the Dollar Menu

If you follow Chad Johnson on social media, you know he's extremely passionate about two things and two things only: Eating McDonald's and playing FIFA. He also tears up at the way Davante Adams runs his routes, but that's neither here nor there. 

Johnson eats at Mickey D's regularly, and apparently did so throughout his career too. It's one of those things that makes peons like us so envious. How does one of the great NFL wide receivers ever eat that crap food and still perform the way he did? How does he still look like he could play in the NFL while still eating that crap in retirement? It's a mystery. 

On a recent "I Am Athlete" podcast appearance, Johnson fervently argued that McDonald's actually helped his NFL career, claiming it was the reason he was never seriously injured (it's true. Ocho appeared in 12 or more games in all 11 seasons of his career). Here he is screaming his head off about this very subject at Brandon Marshall, who similarly was never hurt until the final two years of his career:  

CALLUS IN MY BODY! NEVER! My goodness, what a rant for Mac Daddy's. The funniest part is, both Marshall and Johnson were extremely durable and highly productive for nearly all of their careers. They are basically screaming at each other for no reason, and it's A+ content. A nice bonus: former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor asking Johnson if he believes in climate change after crapping on "science," to which Johnson responded perfectly: 

The dude looked at his damn watch. Never, ever change Ocho. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the McDonald's Drive-Thru to scour the Dollar Menu. If you don't run to Don's after that impassioned plea, you don't have a pulse.