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Catching Up on Letters

January 18, 2009

It's been a week of traveling and getting further behind on your letters. Here's a sampling of letters from Golf World readers this past week:

The Angry Golfer, as usual, leads the list:


Dear Editor:>

I share > John Hawkins ho-hum January 3 birthdate. (Bobby Hull and Stephen Stills trump Victoria Principal when you're dropping names of people with whom we share our birthday.) I also share his Capricorn headache over Sergio's major misses. Someone once said, "I don't believe in Astrology. I'm a Capricorn. We don't believe in anything." I won't go quite that far, but I must reluctantly admit I don't believe Sergio will ever make the putt when it matters most.


Jeff Lyttle

Columbus, Ohio

The unbelievably sad story of the disgruntled worker who killed superintendent Joel Erickson's dog at Turlock G&CC in Merced County, CA, drew several letters, but V.M. Vaccaro's captures your reaction best:


Dear Editor:>

If I were king,the cretin who killed the border collie would consider himself lucky to be hung by his thumbs and consigned to a dungeon for which there was no key.


V.M. Vaccaro

Naples, FL                                                Â


As we begin another year of televised golf and the on-air, shot-tracking tools get better and better, PGA Professional Gerald Spear makes a great point about early television coverage.


Dear Editor: >

Isn't showing the putting line of early players an advantage to later players and their caddies? I know if I was in the last group I would be watching as soon as the telecast came on to see what the break was going to be. Just a thought.


Gerald Spear

PGA Golf Professional

Commerce, GA

Couldn't agree more. Our desire to make the game completely equitable will always be foiled by the vagaries of playing partners slow and fast; morning and afternoon tee times; and, in this case, early coverage and putting trackers. Even that, though, evens out. And there are some guys who won't make four-footers under the gun no matter how many times they've seen it or when their birthday falls.

--Bob Carney