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Case solved. Auston Matthews is the supernatural force in "The Outsider"

Raise your hand if you stayed up until 2 a.m. watching the first two episodes of "The Outsider" on HBO last night (raises hand through the ceiling). Also raise your hand if you're just as baffled by the conflicting evidence as Ben Mendelsohn's character is (raises hand to the moon). Wow, what a start to this murder mystery.

So far, it's pretty clear that there is some supernatural aspect to the show, which is based off a Stephen King book that I did not read. Is that creepy-looking dude in the hood responsible for everything that's happening, or is it something or someone else?

If Detective Ralph Anderson (Mendelsohn's character) did one ounce of police work, this case would already have been solved. Auston Matthews, star of the Toronto Maple Leafs, is quite obviously the killer, this clip serving as the only piece of evidence required:

Open and shut. Matthews is the supernatural force they are looking for. And if he's not he's a witch and we must burn him. WITCH!!!!


OK, extremely forced pop culture/sports tie-ins aside, Matthews stick flip is one of those videos you can watch over and over for days and still ask yourself how the f--- anyone can do that. Matthews might want to watch it over and over instead of this game tape as well (his Leafs got pummeled by the Florida Panthers, 8-4). Diehard puck fans might recall something very similar happened last season, when Minnesota's Kevin Fiala perfectly flipped a stick to teammate Anthony Bitetto:

This one remains incredibly impressive because of how perfectly the stick landed in Bitetto's hands, but Matthews' flip gets the W here because it was a no-look, behind the back flip. Ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as killing off Jason Bateman in the second episode of a 10-episode miniseries. Disappointing!