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Camouflaged shooter pelts 63-year-old golfer with Airsoft rifle, she gives chase, wanted to “get that little sh*t”

A Ramona, California golf course is under attack. But not by drought or city councilmen or protestors. Instead golfers at San Vicente Golf Course have found themselves harassed by a camouflaged gang of eBikers who have plagued the golf course for weeks. The group have been seen lurking in the woods and are suspected to have vandalized a nearby golf course in Encinitas. But earlier this month they poked the wrong bear when they shot 63-year-old Tammy Rozelle with an Airsoft rifle as she made her way to the third tee box during an evening round with her husband and trusty Pomeranian.

Rozelle reportedly heard a series of popping noises while putting on the second green. After finishing the hole, she got in the cart and that’s when she started feeling stings.

“I was getting pelted, and I got hit in the skull,” she told ABC 10 San Diego. “I got hit in the back of my shoulder on my right side, and as I turned to my right, facing the street on Barona Mesa, I see this shooter in head-to-toe camouflage, with a face mask and a rifle, in a shooter’s stance, shooting at me.”

For most of us, that would be absolutely terrifying. Airsoft rifles, which fire plastic BBs, can often be indistinguishable from an actual firearm, but it didn’t faze Rozelle, who immediately gave chase.

“How dare you? I wanted to get that little ****. Are you kidding me? I didn’t want him or her to do that to anyone else,” said Rozelle.

Rozelle lost track of the assailant at a nearby street, but that didn’t end her search. She filed a report with local law enforcement and flagged the incident on the Nextdoor app.

“On a bike I would have caught them. On an eBike, there’s no way,” Rozelle, who by now has to be your favorite person on the planet, explained.

The culprits still haven’t been identified and anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Thomas Sutton at the Ramona Sheriff's Substation at 760-738-2424 or the Sheriff's Department at 858-565-5200. In the meantime, agent Tammy Rozelle is on the case.