Caitlyn Jenner shows off new home in the Sherwood Country Club women's locker room

March 02, 2016

Following her gender transformation, Caitlyn Jenner let it be known she was going to take advantage of playing the women's tees.

But that was merely a tongue-in-cheek perk. On Wednesday, Jenner took to Instagram to share her newfound right: A spot in the women's locker room.

Sherwood Country Club is home to many Hollywood golfers like Jack Nicholson, Wayne Gretzky and Justin Timberlake, and was the former host of Tiger Woods' Hero World Challenge tournament.

Jenner was reportedly a five handicap, but according to the USGA's GHIN service, has not updated her scores in some time. Can't blame her: If you're playing from the up tees, might as well milk that five for all it's worth.