Cab driver stops to hit golf balls, leaves patron locked in cab

March 24, 2015

A woman in Bremerton, a town near Seattle, Wash., experienced the taxi ride of her nightmares.

It's not uncommon for golfers to want to take a break from the workday to hit a few balls, but one cab driver in Bremerton took that idea to absurd extremes. A woman got into a cab Saturday morning and was driven around for several hours against her will before being dropped off at her destination.

After the woman had called for a cab when her car broke down on Friday, she called the same cab driver the next day to take her to her car. The driver picked her up, and ran a few errands, refusing to drop her off as he kept her locked in the cab. Included in this list of errands: A stop at a golf course to hit a few balls.

Not until several hours later did the driver finally drop the woman at her destination.

Similar stories exist - like the one in LA last fall when an Uber driver took a woman on a two hour trip, driving her to an empty parking lot and locking her in the car before finally taking her home. But in all frightening stories like this, no other cab driver that we've heard of has taken the time to play a little golf while holding someone against their will.

The police in Bremerton were contacted and the golfer/cab driver is in custody. That was probably his last range session for a while.